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Wear It

Using new and imaginative ways to interpret fashion, jewellery and clothing was this projects key aim. To open up and explore how we see clothing, how they connect with the body and how it is worn.

 I started mind mapping after the presentation to dilute useful information from non-useful and map out focuses for my piece of clothing/Jewellery. 





Ai Wei Wei 19th - 13th December, Exhibition Royal academy of the Arts



I was given the key words of suspend, surround and balance to use in my ideas. I liked the idea of a product which when moving joints of the body the garment changes in shape or position.  Like the windmill as a spinning disc which can be suspended from the body and spins downwards or around. Like the yoyo the spinning wheel is spun around downwards and then elevates back up to the surface of the body.


Ai Wei Wei

Mask, 2013, Marble

Handcuffs, 2013, Jade

Ai Wei Wei has used precious materials that represent power and status and used them to create garments which symbolise negative things like war through the gas masks and handcuffs. The mask is reminiscent of bombing or gassing during war time but has been replaced with a useless material. I feel this is an expression of the usability of these materials, showing that they have an aesthetic appeal but serve no purpose when it comes to certain things, In this instance protecting the lungs from an exterior gas, which the marble has no properties to do. I's a sort of mockery of higher classes, showing that when things like gas come into contact with people no amount of money can protect your health and we are all in the same boat regardless.

The handcuffs use another precious material that is well known in China through its superior class in history in the use of jewellery, dresses and millinery. the handcuffs are a form of security or being trapped again its a symbolic reference to status and being trapped in a lower class.



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