Light Up Research

Primary Research - Design Junction

Smith Matthias's design displays very practical qualities for a light, that allows you to control the position and tighten in place through a small clamp. For certain homes this light will be very useful for others maybe not so much, it could be a great product for a working area, studio or library, as the product has a limit to where it can be clamped and around what. It's a versatile design and may not have the greatest aesthetic form but the faceted aluminium shade together with a sturdy clamp creates a durable and functional design.



Using similar forms to the String designers together with influences from Smith Matthias and set ups such as theatre sets and the combi-rail I was inspired to design a rail lighting with inter changeable parts that can be bought and used when requested by the user. It's a product like the string design that may not suit all spaces but when installed in new and modern homes as well as work spaces, offices and studios the lights can be customised for a personal effect. They will feature light sensors and can be programmed to stay on for times during the day. Lots of different varieties of lights will need to produced to give the users a wide choice of lighting, this will include size, brightness, colours and effects. 


Turn On Joel Hoff


Primary Research - Joel Hoff

Turn On is an easy use product which is stand alone and is twisted slowly to increase and decrease brightness. A dimmer is a useful quality for lighting to control mood and setting, the design features a metal cylinder coming in a range of colours and a spherical ball on top for the light, I like the compact and refined design as well as not having a switch to control, instead it requires a very natural movement of your hand, giving you full control over the lighting of any room.


Haberdashery Sound Responsive Light

Download IMG_2218 2.m4v [9.64MB]

End Product

I feel this could be a very useful product when creating more efficient homes as the light can be detached and carried into another room saving on electricity where lights are not turned off. Less lights are required to light the home as well because they will be moved so less production of expensive bulbs and lamps. For things like shows and exhibitions it could also be very helpful as the lights can be controlled and moved toast mood or right certain areas.


Design Junction String

A modern style is implemented into the string designs very basic colours are used and their shelving can be wall mounted or stand alone, the wall housing lets you substitute in and out trays, draws, and shelving allowing full user control over the contents of the design. They give you a platform to transform by yourself to match your house or work space. 

This design will appeal to a certain group of people, it doesn't feature any classic design style but uses contemporary and modern materials so may only fit in with certain spaces, also installing the products may be costly and time wasting. But after installation the product with easy use storage and enabling full user control appeals to me as a storage product that I would use.


Primary Research - Images

Shadows dominate the floor of both these areas, from the sunlight coming down and the structures of the buildings blocking parts projecting shapes and patterns onto the floor, sometimes clear bold shapes, sometimes fading and other times distorted. A lot of consideration has to go into the architecture and how it interacts with the sun moving overhead, the same way a product design light needs to consider the housing for the light source, the building is a sort of housing for the sun's light and everything inside is below the bulb being lit up or blocked out, creating unusual shapes



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