Build It Research


From the project Brief my task was to recreate and imagine a struacture for the Kings Cross area around Central St Martins. Below I've uploaded images of sources which will be helpful to see the surrounding architecture, size of buildings and from this influence my proposal for my building.

I Sketched the local area and took pictures so i could work from and with these places. The british Library and St pancreas station and very royal structures with surrounding 'courtyards' these have a traditional style of an old English building.




Final Visualisation


Model Making

From our viewfinder we had to narrow down the style into three words. Mine were Traditional, Perspective and Angluar. From this we made models form basic materials to see what was produced. After this I decided on one model to take further which i thought would suit the Kings Cross area.


Initial Proposal For Kings Cross

For the morning exsersize I used older images in my layered view finder and a view from inside of the station looking outwards onto the architecture of Kings cross and the station. The areas history was something I wanted to capture from a pedestrian view, say someone who had seen the place develop and this viewfinder shows how the construction work in these built up areas is very fast and new buildings can replace historic older ones in a matter of years. 



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