Reflective Review Workshop

Reflective Review

My research throughout the acquisition project has consisted of primary images, observing products in real life and from library books, researching text and understanding concepts. My inspiration has been all around and because I've been constantly finding things and observing my environment for materials, ideas and discarded products its been a continuos process.This has been helpful as i can document what i find and what i plan to do with materials and do this in combination with my online and book research.

Looking at practitioners which reuse, salvage, repurpose and reclaim my research had turned into ideation through the process of investigating and examining how designers do this and what social issues come into place for the concepts and purpose of the outcomes. My 'Acquisition' title for the project came from the idea of returning belongings, waste and materials that are no longer needed, in the idea that consumers will be interested to see how their discarded goods can be transformed and how this can be economically and environmentally positive.

 The ideation process involves generating a varied amount of products which serve different purposes and gradually narrowing down and condensing the concept and function of this product. New research has affected my thought process very deeply because of discovering designers which have experimented with reusing and salvaging materials and being able to translate their ideas with my own designs and adding my own style to the production. By analysing through research, discarded objetcs and observing trends of waste, I've been able to use this information with my ideation,  for instance when sourcing materials it will affect what I sketch as the materials need to be accounted for when designing, as opposed to the standard design process where the material accommodate the idea. The workshop I've  used a lot throughout 'Re-aqusition' , it has direct impact on making and my ideas, as I'm slightly limited my some things and in other aspects enabled to create any complex model or seek guidance from the technicians on how to get the finish I would like. Making and modelling helped me achieve a structural style that I can replicate from models to final product, I can also establish what materials are best to use and in what way.

Talking to peers and doing workshops have expanded my ideas by being able to share and communicate what we found challenging and what we found useful. The work shops done on narrative and designing for a peer were helpful as I could talk with a classmate and explain my project to not only them but make sense of it to myself. Talking and sharing ideas gives you an outside perspective on a real life consumers reaction to the project and ideas you’ve explored, having this discussion forces you to clarify your ideas and review the good parts and improve some worse elements.



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